More Automation Comes to Blown Film Processing | Plastics Technology

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New system for cuts in half the time to move from one product format to another. #kshow

At K 2022 in Dusseldorf, Windmoeller & Hoelscher debuted its latest offering to automate the blown film process and simplify changeovers. Throughout the week-long October show, W&H gave live demonstrations of the technology, called Easy2 Change, on a multi-layer Varex 2 blown film line. Pvc Extrusion Die

More Automation Comes to Blown Film Processing |               Plastics Technology

Easy2 Change is said to supports the machine operator during every necessary step of a product change-over. An intuitive HMI gives the operator full transparency and control throughout the change-over. Innovative technology detects the bubble stability and checks the frost line to ensuring reproducible high film quality. 

The software guides operators through the process to prevent errors while guiding them to pending tasks, W&H says.  All components are automatically set, including W&H’s fully automated Arctis air ring.  

Compared to an experienced operator, the number of necessary clicks for a product change is reduced by more than 70% and the time needed is cut by over half, says W&H.

A poorly designed profile die—one that does not permit the part to be extruded with the same dimensions from run to run—coupled with a lack of understanding of the extrusion process, is a recipe for scrap generation.

And as with all sciences, there are fundamentals that must be considered to do color right. Here’s a helpful start.

Thin-gauge sheet production presents some unique challenges to the extrusion operator, including the following set of 10 commonly encountered considerations

More Automation Comes to Blown Film Processing |               Plastics Technology

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